Friday, April 25, 2008

So long.. Farewell.. It's time to say Goodbye...

Tdy's Wee Keong's last working day in Prudential... & next week, it'll be Wee Ping's turn... *boohoohoo!!* :-/ Two good frens i've got to kn in this company r leaving for greener pastures... i'm happy for both of them actually... except dat the next time i pass by the pantry area, i won't be able to stop by to chit-chat with the two of them anymore...

And so, upon WK's suggestion, we've decided to hv a farewell lunchie together at Honjin Japanese Restaurant located at Chow House. Actually, each time i pass by the Chow House, i've always wanted to try their Japanese food as the place seemed rather authentic. Instead, i was there tdy to enjoy the "last meal" with WK & WP!! :p

This is me with the soon Bride-to-be, Wee Ping! :)

Dat's Wee Keong in the limelight... see, he's luffing away so happily cos it's FINALLY his last day in Prudential!! :p

And new-Dad Soon Dee & Kok Kien (to foot the bill together with me!! Haha!!) :p

After our lunch, we had some drinks together at the Starbucks juz down the street.

"Cheers to a great new beginning, Wee Keong!!" :D

And here's my well-wishes to WK & WP:

It's really great to hv known u both in this company & especially having all the fun together during our Social Committee meetings & activities!! :D

I wish u both all the best in ya future endeavours & stay forever happy, cheerful & fun-loving! ;)


cheekades said...

hey moonie

Thanks for the lunch and wishes. Sad to be leaving the company and the bunch of nice colleagues here.

Take care and keep in touch k.
Dun miss us too much ...

merlady said...

If i miss u both TOO MUCH, then i shall come by ya workplace area to lunchie with u all!! :) Good idea hor!!

Terence said...

ya ya good idea, me so sad too, cannot kick-boxing with the baby in ur bloated stomach